Monday, August 20, 2012

Super Fruit Salad

Super Fruit Salad

1 Pineapple
1 Canteloupe
1/2 Honeydew
1 Apple
2 Cartons Strawberries
3-5 Kiwi
1 Carton Blueberries

...And just some extra cookies for me. Ha!


Slice Canteloupe in half, clear out seeds with spoon.  Cut half in half, and again so you have 8 slices.  Slice inside part from the skin and cut into big chunks.
Line bottom of big bowl.
Cut up honeydew and line up on top of canteloupe.
Slice off top of pineapple, shave off sides.  Cut off around core and in large chunks.
Line on top of honeydew.
Core and cut apple and line on top of pineapple.
Cut off leaf and half and quarter the strawberries and add on top of apple.
Cut off top and bottom of each kiwi and slice off skin on the sides using knife-
cut into thick slices.  Layer on top of strawberries.
Add grapes and take out stems from any blueberries and add on top of salad.
Store in closed, refrigerated tupperware until serving.  

*Hint- if not serving immediately, put apples in separate container 
and drizzle with lemon to keep from turning brown.

When serving, pour half into serving bowl and mix.  Slowly add remainder of fruit and toss as you pour, this should help to evenly mix the salad.

Delicious and healthy too!

Bon Appetit!

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