Monday, November 5, 2012

my new favorite jewelry creation: 'rock candy' style necklaces!

good morning! what a craft binge i've been on.  with hurricane sandy & being out of power, in the daytime when i have any sunlight, i've been jeweling like a madwoman!  jewelry-making by candle-light though... not as much fun.  i do not recommend!

so here's what i've come up with.  all are on sale in my etsy shop for under $15 if you can't live without one! :)

rock candy style necklace:

my favorite right now.  these have a thin, silver-plated metal chain with a stone-beaded center.  perfectly simple, available in any color you can think of!

want one?  click here >>>  cleggs cottage crafts

that's it for now-- have to get ready for work!  some new rock candy style necklaces will be added to my shop later today.