Tuesday, August 17, 2010

glass mosaic work.

My little closeup shot preview to my table I've been fixing up! More below ;)
Closeup shot + my shadow.

Just starting out, nothing is glued down as of yet in this shot..

Making progress, day two or three...

Closeup end of day three shot :) I like the colors, 

I think it has an almost mediterranean feel!

 I made a new mural for the cottage this year, my little tradition. It's a little less extensive than in previous years, but still very typical of the cottage. some shots below!!
(check out my ode to the cottage post to see murals from the last few years!)

New cottage mural 2010!! :)

Along with that, Drew and I worked on grouting the table we started. I think it looks preeeeeeeeeetty damn good, if I say so myself!

Picture from after we wiped off the first layer of grout. Still not done-- almost....
I've also been working on my garage sale table project. i think it's coming along nicely, especially from what it looked like before (see my previous post if you want to see a before picture ;] ) spray painted it white from the dingy, crusty old (piece of crap) looking table and got started on laying out the glass!

Aaahhh, here is the final result! Bright and colorful, I love it.
Next step is to waterproof it, but we decided to save that for another day.


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