Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Picturebook summer so far!

Welcome to my summer.

First off, here's a finished photo of the curtain I made for the shelves in the cottage.
much more tidy and clean!!

they're great because i can just move the fabric on the ribbon to see what's inside!

I have also been working on a glass mosaic table. It's a project my friend Drew and I are doing, and it is addicting! Lots of fun though. We finished it in 4 days! Now it's just time to get the rest of the table put together...

End of day one. We only worked on the blues and still a lot more to go!

End of day two, here come the reds!

End of day three, you can see the spiral forming!

And taa daaa! End of day four! Finished mosaic masterpiece!
Pillows I made - I say this is the front side. I like the bit of yellow!

Back side!

Scarf closeup!

Pretty long but still only halfway done!

Not much else that's new. I'll leave you with a nice poem made by kara and myself back in high school. I re-read it this morning and gave me a laugh, and I love the fact that kara got an A on that assignment!

"Roller Coasters

Up and down
They never make me frown
Flying through the air
I love the fresh air up there
I feel so free
I am filled with glee
I wish I could go everyday
And never ever have to pay
But I mean to say, it really is worth it
My only fear is that I'll fall and need a first aid kit
But that won't happen, I really hope
Because roller coasters are just so dope
My favorite ones go upside down
They go really fast and all around
Hands up is the way to ride
So don't throw up or you'll need some Tide
Each roller coaster holds new adventures
Sometimes old ladies scream and lose their dentures
I could imagine they'd be very upset,
They could fly anywhere, as far as Tibet
I'm really glad my teeth are real
Because roller coasters give me a good
I hate the wooden ones they're really scary
They're almost as scary as eating dairy
I'm lactose intolerant, what can I say?
That is why dairy is bad at the end of the day
So back to rollercoasters, they are swell
They make me shout and they make me yell
They are so much fun
You should go on one"

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