Tuesday, August 3, 2010

crafty crazy and taco salad

My crafty crazyness has truly begun.
first off, i made a little pouch for my bike riding adventures!

Easy to put on and take off on the go!

I also made a nice elastic skirt for myself about a week ago.
Simple and comfy, makes a cute outfit!

Silly me, only I'd forget to take a finished product picture! 
I think i got too excited and put it on and forgot. I'll post one up next week. :)

Also  finished up that curtain project I'd been planning to finish for the longest time!
Woohoo it's about time! I'll put up an end result picture up next week also.

Kara and I also had a little RARA + BIZ 'speepover' (as we call it) this past friday!
Lots of fun, just like back in the old days! We even got scared there was a burglar in the house in the night.

Then the next day my mom and I made some taco salad, soooo good.
We always used to make it when i was a kid, it had been a while!!

Table for two, Clegg house!

I made a little place setting.

Close-up shot, pre-sour cream plop!

Mmmmmmmmmmm, looks good to me!!

I also had a few of my first sales on etsy! yeeahh!!!!
So I had to make a few gift tags for each of the orders...

Go make some taco salad!!


  1. I would SOOO love a pouch like that on MY bike!!! Cute!!!

  2. Such a beautiful dinner! WOW, and I absolutely ADORE the pouch XD! Congrats on the sales!

  3. Thanks guys!! Keep checkin' back I'll try to show you some more ideas! :) :)