Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The past few weeks I've been on vacation from work and just a couple weeks ago I started school... MIA! Here's plenty of random pictures to make up for lost time,

Birdhouse by the cottage-- now you can see it since I trimmed all the ivy! 

Here's a little package I put together to bring to Kara Ann's house lunch! Our famous (and to be blogged about in the future) quesadilla pockets! Or pockadillas, we like to call 'em.
Simple ingredients. oil, cheese, salsa and tortillas.   

Dinner and dessert with Kara and Kevin after lunch. Orzo pasta salad, mmm.
Step one: Make orzo.  Boil water, let sit, strain, stir, you know the drill.

step two: dice up some cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and cucumber

step three: mix it up!~!

step four: add some spices and/or dressing (we used a little italian dressing when we got it to our plates)  and gobble up!!! 

And for dessert........... 

CUPCAKES!!! and yes, they're in ice cream cones. :) 

My vacation was filled with lounging around, hanging out with
Last shot of the cabana season!

Am I obsessed with birds or something?



DIY glass mosaic table I made with Drew.





Love my close-ups ;)




Look how cute the ads are in the bicentennial book!


New cottage treasures:P
Close up shot on this baby, I love it!
Aren't these little slipper socks super cute?!

Next table project!
Cracking wood makes for wobbly tables.. I have to sturdy it up!
Now time to paint and mosaic.

and last but certainly not least...
My first etsy purchase!! I love these baby compasses! They're so small and cute, I can't wait to use them for something, I just don't know what.