Sunday, January 5, 2014

oversized eyeglasses

i've been thinking about getting myself another pair of oversized glasses, but i cant decide on what style. of course, off to pinterest i go in search of the perfect pair.  the pair i have now are brown, thick frames with the classic wayfarer frame style.  i want to switch it up a little since i doubt my prescription has changed much.

option 1:  smaller, but still oversized frames.  i like the smaller size since the ones i have now seem to take over the top half of my face... but are the smaller ones big enough?

option 2:  bigger, round two-tone frames.  but, can i pull it off?

option 3: super round, but thin oversized frames.

option 4: oversized, thick square frames.  i like the dark style too, or perhaps tortoise?

or finally, option 5:  thin, smaller round frames in black.

lets hope i have some similar options after my eye exam.  wish me luck!

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