Thursday, April 4, 2013

strawberry banana smoothie

i've been on a healthy-kick lately, so my last trip to the supermarket i got plenty of fruit... maybe i went a little overboard.  so i had just what i needed to make a quick and easy smoothie.  i narrowed it down to try out a strawberry banana smoothie.

ingredients are pretty simple... i eye-balled the measurements,
but all you really need is:

20 strawberries (i used a little more than half the pack)
1-2 bananas (i only used one, but next time i'll use another half!)
3/4 cup milk (depending how creamy you like it, and i used 1% to keep it healthy!)
1 1/2 cup ice (depending how icy you like it, i like a lot of ice)

not many ingredients, plus-- quick & healthy!  great for the morning
before work, just cut up your fruit the night before.  

cut up the strawberries & bananas into big chunks and
put everything into your blender.

i wish i left a couple on the side to garnish with-- so don't forget to
put some aside if you want a cute garnish for your cup!

i like to put half the ice i'm going to use so it blends evenly,
then i'll add the rest in once i've blended it a bit.

press the button a few times, and your deliciously simple smoothie is all set!!

drink up!

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  1. beautiful photos, love shakes. want to have one now! :*

    happy to found your blog and following you <3